Lamb in a Pot

An easy recipe, using lamb chump chops (other lamb cuts are OK)
all cooked in the same stovetop to oven to table casserole dish. 
I use a heavy caste iron casserole.

Firstly some stove stop cooking:
Heat a smattering of olive oil and butter in the casserole and add

1 leek sliced into rounds and well washed and drained (no leek, substitute onion)
together with 2 cloves of crushed/finely chopped garlic.

Sweat together for about 10 minutes - taking care not to burn -
then turn the heat up and add your Lamb Chops,
cooking for about 3 minutes on both sides to brown and seal.


Take off heat.  Add to the pot a tin of drained and rinsed Chick Peas (400g)
(I remove lamb chops for a moment, place the chick peas on the leek
and then replace the lamb on top of the Chick Peas).


Add enough liquid, preferable stock, to just cover.  (Vegetable, chicken or beef whatever your preference).
I like to add to the stock ground pepper, maybe a dash of Worcestershire Sauce and/or a teaspoon of vegemite.


Finally top off with vegetables.
I usually use par-boiled potatoes, thinly sliced and arranged in an overlapping formation on top of the lamb.
Maybe make two layers with two vegetables, turnip and potato, pumpkin and potato.
Even a layer of spinach under the potato works well!

Dab a few knobs of butter on the top.

Bake in a pre-heated 180c oven for about 30 minutes, until all bubbling and potatoes golden!


13th October 2006

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