These recipes are brought to you courtesy of Ian Haines, Market Coordinator. Ian Cooks on the Radio! This year marks the 32nd anniversary of Ian moving to Albany. Co-founder and original owner of "Kookas" the award winning and iconic Albany Restaurant, he has always been a strong advocate of sourcing, using and promoting local product.

All these recipes are easy, often "one-pot" cooking and they work!
Well we hope so...
enjoy and if you have suggestions or feedback we'd love to hear from you...
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All ingredients can be bought in the market, but because of seasonality may not always be available

Baking & Cakes

Fresh Pear & Ginger Cake

Easily made in the bowl of the mixer, simply adding the ingredients one after the other.

Fresh Plum Cake

A simple cake that’s uses fresh plums which is ideal as dessert or afternoon teacake! It’s a very good way of using those plums that might be getting too ripe!


As we head into winter and hearty soups come to the fore this is a relatively easy bread to make to accompany a soup. Leftovers, if there are any, toast really well for breakfast!


Now that fresh local beetroot are in plentiful supply here is a "different" idea for a easy to make cake, which surprisingly to many people is really good!

Terkish Torte

An easy to make cake that will amaze your guests, either for afternoon tea or as a great dessert.

Fresh Strawberry & Macadamia Cake

This straightforward cake is moist, has a nutty texture, a pale pink colour and can be also used as a warm dessert.

Best Raspberry Muffins

Bring a little summer into winter by using frozen raspberries in this dead easy muffin recipe!

Pumpkin Swiss Roll

With pumpkins now coming into season here is a sweet alternative. Not as bizarre as it sounds and straight forward using cupboards ingredients and only a little pumpkin.

Plum, Lemon and Almond Tart

You will need about 400gms pastry to line a flan or quiche dish or tin. Either use a ready-made shortcrust or make your own.

Pear and Almond Cake

A versatile and moist cake which packs a lot of flavour. Serve warm as a dessert or as an afternoon tea cake.

Parsnip and Apple Cake

Parsnip does make a good cake, and along with Apple and nuts you will have an easy to make moist, large and deep long keeping cake that can be served plain or iced with a cream cheese icing.

Honeyed Apple & Yoghurt Upsidedown Cake

Straightforward and versatile, a great dessert fresh from the oven or keeps well for serving as an afternoon tea cake.

Fresh Peach Crumble Cake

Straight forward, using fresh peaches, with a sweet crumble topping. Ideal as a warm dessert.


An opportunity here to use up ripe fruit that is justsitting in the fruit bowl. Plums or Peaches will work just as well or any combination of fruit. Put together in 10 minutes using store cupboard ingredients.

Fresh Tomato Cake

"A Conversation Cake" and it does work well!

Chocolate Orange Polenta Biscuits

Easy to make, the polenta gives these a different texture from what you normally experience from a biscuits.

Christmas Chocolates

Now that the school holidays are upon here is a simple diversion for the children which will go well after any meal or can wrapped and packed as home-made gifts.

Coffee & Walnut Cake

Mother's Day Treat (for our overseas visitors - of which there are many. Mother's Day in Australia is Sunday May 13th 2007) A traditional Style Cake - suitable for any occasion and something the kids can make from the store cupboard!

Christmas Fruit Mince Tarts

Easy to make with a different twist on the traditional fruit mince pie, these can be made with store cupboard ingredients and the fresh fruits for a summer lift. Ideal for the kids to help with the Christmas preparations!

Christmas Cake "the easy way"

A good fruit cake, with a good density of fruit resembling a rich Christmas cake in texture, but made with only 4 ingredients, ideal for those in a hurry!

Fresh Cherry & Macadamia Dessert Cake

A warm moist dessert cake; straightforward to make while combining fresh cherries with a crunchy sugared macadamia nut topping.

Apple Pizza

An easy and economical sweet and savoury slice for any occasion.

Apple & Date Cake

Simply made with just a couple of fresh apples and store cupboard ingredients this moist and tasty cake can is versatile enough to be adapted to any occasion and it only take s a few minutes to prepare.


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