These recipes are brought to you courtesy of Ian Haines, Market Coordinator. Ian Cooks on the Radio! This year marks the 32nd anniversary of Ian moving to Albany. Co-founder and original owner of "Kookas" the award winning and iconic Albany Restaurant, he has always been a strong advocate of sourcing, using and promoting local product.

All these recipes are easy, often "one-pot" cooking and they work!
Well we hope so...
enjoy and if you have suggestions or feedback we'd love to hear from you...
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All ingredients can be bought in the market, but because of seasonality may not always be available


Red Onion Marmalade

Easy to make, this condiment will go with just about anything, cold meats, cheeseboards, sandwiches, burgers the list is endless.

Sweet & Sour Chilli Jam

A versatile side dish that is ideal as a dipping sauce with fresh vegetable crudites or can be used as an accompaniment to any main dish or entree.

Sweet Chilli Sauce

So simple to make and such a great colour and taste you’ll wonder why you never made chilli sauce before!

Sweet Eggplant Pickle

Eggplants are now plentiful and at their best. Here is a straightforward recipe for Brinjal Pickle, a wonderful spicy, chunky condiment to enliven any dish, but obviously best suited to curries!

Sweet & Sour Cherry Marmalade

Easy to make, this accompaniment for Ham, Duck or Venison is a treat for that special meal and a great alternative to "pineapple".

Pear & Ginger Chutney

This tasty, rich dark chutney is an ideal accompaniment to spice dishes, curries and the like as well as a condiment to accompany cold meats.


This works best with young, fresh, courgettes but zucchini can be used with the same success, except that you may have to slice the rounds in half if they are too large.


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