King River Avocados & Persimmons

Contact Information

Name:Simon and Sue Keast
King River
Location:Near Albany 
Phone:08 98443245


King River Avocados is one of the first avocado orchards established in the Albany region. Located in the Millbrook Valley, 18 km. from Albany, the trees grow on heavy red river loam soils. Simon and Sue Keast, having completed variety research, now concentrate on late varieties – Reed and Hass. The climate of cool long-growing conditions with harvest in late summer allows these avocados to develop dense and strongly flavoured flesh. The growers strive for good quality, unblemished fruit using a system of insecticide-free production. The orchard is small – approx 150 trees ranging from 30-year-old trees to recent plantings in 2004. The Albany Farmers Market has become the sole source of direct sale for King River Avocados.


Return in December with Sharwill Avocados

And then back in January with
HASS and REED Avocados in February












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