Piacun Honey and Olive Oil, Eggs

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Name:Steve & Anne Piacun
Phone:08 98446138


Steve and Ann are a husband and wife team who started their honey business in 1997. After the downturn in the wool and sheep industries, they decided to diversify into honey production, olives and free-range eggs. They have a property at Boxwood Hill (103km. east of Albany), and a small property 12km. west of Albany. At Boxwood Hill, they have a substantial amount of virgin bush, which enables them to produce honey of the highest possible quality. The ranges of floral sources are mallee, eucalyptus and yate in the east, and jarrah, marri, karri and taylorina, closer to Albany. All the honey they market is sourced entirely from their own production. Their honey is not blended and is handled as little as possible. What the bees put in the hives is what ends up in the jar! We believe this ensures the top quality and purity of our Honey.


In the market with an extensive range of ourGreat Southern Honeytogether with FREE RANGE EGGS.
FREE RANGE DUCK EGGS.....GOOSE EGGSand QUAIL EGGS available most marke
NEW  2019 Extra Virgin Olive Oil








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