Baked Avocado & Egg

Simplicity itself to make, this brunch dish combines creamy avocado and egg and when coupled with toast, ham or bacon, fresh tomatoes or feta cheese you have a fantastic looking and tasting dish that will make you a star with your family and friends.

The only difficulty is to make sure the avocado is supported during baking!

For each serve you will need

½ a large ripe Avocado
1 free range egg
Salt and Pepper
Quality bread toasted

Optional extras such as

Fresh vine ripened tomato slices
Quality feta cheese
Fresh Herbs
Hollandaise Sauce


Heat oven to 210ºc (190ºc fan oven)

The avocado halves need to be supported in a dish, ramekin or some other oven proof dish so that they will not tip over when baking. This can either be accomplished by several halves supporting each other or placing something such as a ramekin to hold the halved avocado against the side of the baking dish.

Halve the avocados and remove the stone. If you feel the resulting hole is not large enough for your egg remove some of the flesh with a spoon to increase the size.
Sprinkle lightly salt and pepper into the hole.
Arrange the avocado halves in your baking dish and then gently place the egg into it.

They will take about 15/20 minutes to cook.
Do check to ensure the eggs are not overcooked.

Arrange on plate with lightly toasted quality bread. A slice of ham, some sliced tomatoes, hollandaise sauce and /or some crumbled feta or some home-made tomato relish turn this into a tasty and great looking brunch dish!


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