Fried Carrot & Fennel Bulb

A tasty accompaniment to any meal and its easy to prepare!


Quantities can be up to you and your appetite but a rough rule of thumb for 4 people you will need about 500gms of carrots and a small fennel bulb or half a large one!

Firstly, par boil the carrots.

Fresh carrots should only need scrubbing, topping and tailing and cut them lengthways, either in half or into quarters if carrots are large.

Pop them into a pan of boiling water and simmer until very al dente.


Take the outer shell off the fennel bulb, take the pithy core out and slice thinly.

You will also need 3 or 4 cloves of garlic; you can leave the skin on the garlic.

In a frying pan, coat the bottom with some good quality olive oil and a dash of sesame oil, when it reaches a moderate heat toss in the carrot, the slice fennel bulb and the garlic.

Gently saute, until cooked and, golden and glistening.

To serve, stir through 2/3 tablespoons of freshly chopped Italian Parsley.

This brings out the sweetness of the carrot, intermingled with the delight of fennel, and a touch of garlic and the freshness of the parsley.

With thanks to Sandra Laurance for the germ of an idea!


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