Apple Dumplings (with a bit of a twist to them)

An easy winter "comfort food" pudding.


First, you will need a quantity of your favourite shortcrust pastry.

For this, I use 125 gms of diced butter rubbed into 2 scant cups of self-raising flour (about 250gms) together with a pinch of salt and enough Ravenhill's traditional style Milk to bind - about 5 tablespoons.

Roll out the pastry into an oblong - about 35cms by 25cms an easy way is to line a similar sized shallow baking tray and press or roll the pastry to fit!.

The quantity of Apples is up to you - anything from 1 - 3 good quality apples
Granny Smiths are perfect peeled, cored and diced.

Toss these in a tablespoon or two of caster sugar mixed with good pinch of cinnamon and freshly grated nutmeg.

Scatter all over the pastry and press into the pastry.

Having the pastry on paper makes it easy to roll them up, on the long edge.

The more apple the more filling your roll/log will have!
Cut into 8 equal slices along the roll - pack into a 25cm cake tin, stand them up or lay them down both! Try to leave a little space between them.

Pour over a sweet syrup sauce that can be you own invention either, 1 cup of sugar, 1 cup of water and a knob of butter warmed in a saucepan until sugar is dissolved and butter melted or substitute sugar for ½ cup of Golden Syrup or a mixture of sugar and honey.

Bake in a 200c oven for about 30 minutes and serve with either
Billawarra's Greeek Yoghurt
or if you must:
Ravenhill's Traditional Thick Cream!


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