Caramel & Apple Croissant Pudding

If by some oversight you have some croissants left over this is a quick and luxurious dessert. Based on the old bread and butter idea, providing you use REAL croissants they will have so much butter in them you won’t need to butter them!

For 4 people you will need:

2 Large or 3 medium Croissants
150 g of white sugar
50ml of water
2 Apples (such as Pink Lady) peeled cored and thick sliced.
150 ml of cream
150ml of full fat milk
2 Free range Eggs beaten
15ml of Irish whiskey or Dark Jamaican Rum (optional)


Tear the croissants into about 4/5 pieces each and place in an oven to table Pyrex style dish. (or slice them)

In a large saucepan heat the white sugar and water and bubble away unaided for about 5 minutes until it starts to caramelise (a light golden colour).

TAKE CARE……drop in the apple slices and quickly stir through the caramel. Remove apple and place in and between the croissant pieces in the dish.

Keeping the pan on a very low heat add the cream and milk to the remaining caramel and whisk vigorously. (if the milk and cream is warmed it will be easier). Because it is caramel it may splutter and go to lumps. Taking care not to get splattered with burning caramel! Whisking the mixture on a low heat will soon dissolve the caramel and you will have darkish coloured custard.

Take off heat, whisk in the whiskey (if using) followed by the two beaten eggs.

Slowly pour over the croissants and apples.
(An optional final flourish can be a scattering of pecan nuts)

Bake in a 160c oven until custard is set and top golden (about 25 minutes)

Serve hot or warm with Ice Cream or Cream


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