Lemon Curd, Orange & soft cheese Tart

Easy to make, with few ingredients but will look and taste spectacular!

Any soft cheese can be used – Ringwoulds Goat Soft blanc is ideal or Billawarra’s fromage frais but a soft cream cheese will also work.

Everything can be made beforehand and the tart easily put together before serving.
For the pastry base I prefer a spelt flour sweet pastry for texture and taste – but bought puff pastry works just as well.

You will need for 4 people:

Quantity of sweet pastry or puff pastry – enough for a 20cms circle
3 tablespoons of whipping cream – whipped stiff
3 tablespoons of soft cheese
2 tablespoons of lemon curd (butter)
2 to 3 Oranges, peeled, de-pithed and sliced into thick slices (reserve juice)
½ cup of white sugar
? cup of water


Pre-heat oven to 180°c. For puff pastry 200°c.

Brush your pastry circle with beaten egg, prick with a fork and blind bake your pastry circle. 10 minutes is usually enough – but I often turn the pastry and finish off the bottom for a couple more minutes.

Allow to cool as you make the topping and cook the oranges.
Beat the cream and then incorporate the soft cheese and the lemon curd – refrigerate until needed.

Heat up a frypan, toss in the sugar and water and allow to dissolve and bubble for a minute or two – you want a rich sugar syrup but not overly caramelized so a moderate heat may be needed.

Using a slice gently place the orange slices in the softly bubbling liquid. Add any juice from the cut oranges. Do not turn. Cook for about 5 minutes. Gently lift out and drain on baking paper. At this stage I usual reduce what liquid is left in the pan until I have about 2 tablespoons of sticky sauce.

Put together:

Spread the cheese mixture on the pastry base, arrange the orange slices on top – drizzle the sauce on top or drizzle the sauce once the tart is sliced.


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