Terkish Torte

An easy to make cake that will amaze your guests, either for afternoon tea or as a great dessert.


You will need to chop either by hand or in a pulse food processor:

250gms of Almonds (in the skin)
250gms of quality dark chocolate
250gms of pitted Dates

Beat till stiff 6 large egg whites then quickly and gently beat in half a cup of caster sugar.

Gently combine the eggs whites into the chopped nuts, chocolate and dates.

Line the base of a 22cm springform cake tin and gently transfer the cake mixture – flatten the top.

Bakein the centre of a pre heated 180c oven for about 40 minutes. Take carenot to crisp the top too much - skewer test to ensure baked through.
Cool and decant onto wire rack.

Top with thick whipped cream and if your wish swirl melted chocolate or grated chocolate through.

WONDERFUL with Ravenhill Dairy Old Style Thick Cream!

TIP... use the egg yolks with a little milk or cream added to make Alison'sRoasted Vegetable Frittata


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