Beef & Sweet Potato Cobbler

A warming winter dish that can also be made with Goat for a different taste sensation.

You will need:

500/600gms of diced Beef or Goat
4 tablespoons of Olive Oil
350gms Sweet Potato (small dice)
1 red onion chopped
1 garlic clove, crushed or chopped
1 Fresh Bay leaf
2/3 cups of Beef Stock/Red Wine
Flour & Salt to toss the meat in
½ teaspoon of Sugar

For the Topping:

1 cup of self-raising flour
2 tablespoons of soft butter
1 tablespoon of sesame seeds
150ml of milk
Optional: grated cheese

Pre heat oven to 200c.


Toss the meat in the flour with a touch of salt and shake surplus flour off
Heat half the oil in a heavy based pan or casserole.

Fry off the meat in 2/3 batches to seal it, not stew it. Add a little extra oil if needed.

Reserve the meat on a side plate while you heat up the remainder of the oil and fry off the sweet potato, onion and garlic for a few minutes until lightly browned. Add and stir through the sugar.

Remove the vegetables to a side plate.

Deglaze the pan over a medium heat with beef stock and/or wine, scaping well to capture all the flavours from the cooking.

Return all the meat, vegetables and juice to the simmering stock, add the bay leaf, and stir through to mix well.

Cover and bake in oven for 1 hour 30 minutes.

To Make the Cobbler:

Rub the butter through the flour together with the sesame seeds and any other flavouring, incorporate the milk and mix to a scone consistency. Remove and uncover the casserole. Increase oven temperature to 220c. Stir casserole well and season if required. Dot spoonfuls of mixture on top or roll out and use scone cutter to make rounds and arrange on top of casserole. Can be egg glazed or sprinkled with grated cheese. Cook for a further 20/25 minutes until cobbler is risen and golden!


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