Fish and/or Seafood Lasagna

This can be a simple fresh fish lasagna or can become a real treat with the addition of your choice of seafood such as scallops, prawns or yabbies.

You will need for around 4 good serves:

500g + of good fresh fish (cut into chunks)or fish and seafood (prawns scallops yabbies mussels)
1 bunch of washed and shredded English spinach
1 cup of seasoned white sauce (more if you like it really saucy)
½ cup of Goats Blanc Cheese
Quality Lasagna pasta sheets – preferably fresh
Pitted olives and slice tomato for topping.
Grated cheese optional tor topping


Pre heat oven to 180° c or 160°c for a fan oven.

Take your washed English spinach and wilt in a fry pan (only takes a few seconds). Remove from pan and squeeze all the moisture out and then chop by hand.

Into the warm white sauce thoroughly stir through the Goats Blanc Cheese.

Then into this sauce stir through your chopped spinach to finish with a speckled green and white sauce. Finally into this sauce incorporate all the fish or seafood mixture into the sauce.

Wet your lasagne dish ~ start with a small amount of sauce spread on the bottom layer your lasagne sheets alternately with the fish and sauce mixture. Finish with some sauce and top with pitted olive, sliced tomatoes or cherry tomatoes and maybe a grated cheese such as provolone, parmesan or even cheddar.

Bake for about 35 minutes. Test to make sure both seafood and pasta is cooked through.

Tip: If using packet dried so called “instant lasagna” pasta I often quickly soak the sheets in a tray of boiling water before putting them in the dish ~ this helps to soften and start cooking them and means that the fish will not be overcooked waiting for the pasta sheets to cook!


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