Beautiful broccoli is now in the market and makes a lovely soup – better than it may sound!

The secret is not to overcook the broccoli to retain a great green colour.

Enough for 4 – 6 serves.

you will need:

1 large leek washed to remove any grit then sliced into rounds
1 large carrot diced
1 small potato peeled and diced
1 large head of broccoli – about 500gms - including stalk , finely chopped
3 large cloves of garlic- finely chopped
1, 4-5cms piece of peeled fresh ginger – grated or finely chopped
1+ litres of fresh chicken stock or vegetable stock
Oil or butter for cooking the veg


In a large sturdy saucepan heat your butter or oil and add all the chopped vegetables except for the broccoli. Gentle sweat these vegetables over a gentle heat for as long as possible – without burning. Cover with baking paper on the top to encourage the full flavours to be brought out.

Pour in the chicken stock and bring to a gentle simmer – add all the broccoli and when return to simmer turn the heat off.

The soup is now ready to be liquidised until smooth – though I prefer to use a wand and to only puree to a stage where there are still small pieces of vegetable – giving the soup more texture.

To serve re-heat gently – don’t boil – and finally stir through about 100mls of cream before serving


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