Roasted Beetroot & Summer Fruits Salad

Perfect time of the year to make this roasted beetroot and summer fruit salad with its tangy honey dressing; it works well as part of a summer meal ~ and besides looking good taste good too ~ and there’s very little cooking!

Sufficient for 4

1 medium sized beetroot
1 ripe Peach
1 ripe Plum
1 or two ripe and sweet tomatoes (Heritage such as Jeunne Femme work well)
Snipped fresh Chives
Salad greens such as Rocket, micro greens, herbs or lettuce or any mixture!

For the Dressing:

1 tablespoon of grainy mustard
1 tablespoon of warm honey
2 roasted garlic cloves flesh
2 tablespoons of red wine vinegar


Roast the beetroot and the garlic cloves (in their skins). This can be done by wedging or dicing the beet root into reasonable sized chucks, tossing in a little oil, sprinkle of sea salt and roasting on tray in a 200c oven for about 45 minutes. My preference is to roast the beet root whole rubbed lightly with oil (not peeled) with the garlic cloves in their skins and wrapped in a small foil parcel. When cooked just rub the skin away. Wedge the beetroot when ready to put the salad together. This way the beetroot retains a beautiful red colour. Squeeze the flesh out of the garlic cloves and use in the dressing.

Put together the Salad by arranging on a plate or platter the salad greens, arranging the wedged beetroot with the wedged fresh peach, plums and tomatoes on top and sprinkling with snipped chives.

The dressing ingredients need to be mixed well together in a screw top jar.

I prefer to dress the salad about 15 minutes before serving. This gives time for the dressing to infuse the fruit and vegetables without making them go soft.


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