A great salad that goes well with any dish, hot or cold and leftovers are fine the next day! This salad can be served warm or cold.


Into a small bowl put:

3 vine ripened tomatoes, deseed them and chop the flesh into small pieces (discard the seeds).
Add 6 stringless green beans that chopped into 1 cm slices
Add a good handful of chopped fresh herbs - parsley is ideal for this but you can dictate the character of the salad by using your favourite herb or assorted herbs.
Finely chop 5 spring onions
Zest a lemon
a good grind of black pepper
a crushed clove of garlic optional!

Finely add 6 tablespoons of good quality extra virgin olive oil and leave, if time to marinate before finishing the salad.

Pour two cups of very hot vegetable or chicken stock onto two cups of instant cous cous - leave to stand for 5 minutes then stir occasionally for 5 min with a fork to break up the cous cous. Stir through the marinated salad ingredients and serve warm or cold - a final drizzle of extra virgin olive oil will finish it off nicely!


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