Enjoy the Long Weekend with Local produce - this Saturday 30th May 2020

Market is open but there are changes in shopping protocols, numbers in market at any one time controlled; hand wash and sanitise before and during market; social distancing; don't handle produce; change your routine - come later; No tables and chairs; Stall spacing means your favourites might be in a different spot; Unwell or potentially vulnerable PLEASE STAY HOME - perhaps recruit a friend to shop for you; Shop and Go; SMILE but don't hug!

Market continues to trade every Saturday

Albany Farmers Market looks forward to welcoming you this Long Weekend .  The market continues to operate but there are organisational arrangements in place. We ask that you follow the directions of our volunteers who are working every week to keep you and us safe.

  • Entry only via Collie Street (number in any one market controlled)
  • Hand wash and sanitise before and during shopping
  • Do not handle produce. Stall holder will help you
  • Social distancing at all times, whether queuing or not!
  • Shop and Go as quickly as possible please. Do not loiter!

HABITAT HERBS BACK in the market

HABITAT LIVING HERBS back in the market Culinary Herbs and Native plants and LOTS of free advice! New Spot by market entrance

BUSH HONEY in the market EVERY Saturday

 BUSH HONEY Great varieties of Local Honey and their new line Honey Chai

EDENGATE Blueberries return to market

Amanda & Andre of Edengate Estate are back in the market  with a freezer packed full of frozen blueberries (fresh season is now finished) together with all your blueberry favourite products including Liqueur and Their own Salsa Verde and Pestos

New Potato variety at Bathgate Farm

DUTCH CREAM POTATOES, along with Delaware this week at Bathgate Farm along with Cauliflower and Broccoli, Carrots, Cauliflower, Celeriac, early Parsnips, Fennel,  Beetroot, and a wide range of green salads & green vegetables


Cat and Graham have all your mushroom needs covered OYSTER    SHITAKE   BLUE PEARL OYSTER
Lions Mane Powder


TOFU is now back every week in the market

Christine is back THIS Saturday"Thousand Miles Tofu Company TOFU   handmade in Albany
using soymilk from Organic Soy Beans
Plus "wild ferment"


LAMB now available EVERY WEEK in market

LEKKER MEATS MATE, more familiar in the market as Gloria Dieu Apricot farmers, Annecke, Johan and family return to market with their White Dorper Lamb.  All your favourite Lamb cuts, all freshly cryovaced for your convenience. Find them at the top end of the market -   
 and they have Tap 'n Go !!

MILK back at Porongurup Pure

Porongurup Pure
will now have limited supplies of their Jersey Milk available in Market Joining their Natural Yoghurt and Kefir and range of sheep cheeses

.......Missing from Market this Saturday

Royale Patisserie
Alderton's Farming (back Saturday 13th June)
Perfect Poultry (back  Saturday 6th June )
Southern Seedlings (back Saturday 6th June)
Coffee Stall
Market Grill
Nannygoat Junction
Handasyde Strawberries finished for the season

All the above have decided to temporarily withdraw from market for the immediate future
We will let you know when they back!

Last Minute updates on Facebook

the market has a very active Facebook page
follow us on Facebook and get up to the 
minute news about what is fresh & local 
every week-right up to Saturday morning


Market open but prepare for changes in the way you shop to ensure social distancing etc.

Albany Farmers Market will be trading as normal although there is reduced number of stalls.  But all the fresh food famers, the Veggies, the fruit, the Beef, the chicken, the lamb, as well as cow, sheep and goats milk products plus honey, preserves and seedlings for the garden  will be there and look forward to seeing you BUT please follow the enhanced market organisational arrangements all designed to keep us all safe. 

A few friendly reminders ahead of this weekend:
Access – is via the Main Collie Street Entrance ONLY .
Social Distancing - Please adhere to 1.5m distance between others at all times.
Shop and Go - Grab what you need and exit the Market as soon as you can so we can keep shoppers flowing through the Market. We'd love to chat and have a leisurely Saturday with you but it will have to wait until we are back to normal.
Only one person per household please.  Leave the kids at home
• Please wash your hands upon entry and exit at the Market. We have handwash stations  set up through the market and offer hand sanitiser at entry point. 
Plan your shopping visit, later is better, there is plenty of produce in the market. If shopper numbers exceed the space allowed within our Market we will ask you to form a queue while enough people exit the Market. We ask you to respect our volunteers who will assist you regarding where to queue.
If you are feeling unwell, have been in contact  who has tested positive for COVID-19, we ask that you do not attend the market.
Much more fresh produce will be pre-packaged to limit contact with fresh produce.  Do not touch unless you wish to buy, allow the staff to serve you.
Use Tap and Go, ALL traders now offer this facility so limit your exposure to cash transactions .

Stay Safe   Eat Well   Eat Local

This week

in season & in the market...


Beetroot,  Red Cabbage, Green Cabbage,  Chinese Cabbage,  Sugar Loaf Cabbage, Broccollini, Carrot,  Cavelo Nero,  Chard,  Green Herbs,  Green Kale,  Lettuce, Microgreen,  Radish,  Salad Mix, Silver Beet, Fennel,  Potato, mini savoy,  perpetual spinach,  spigariello,  Nante  & Chantenay carrots,  bitter greens salad; lettuce salad mixes; cos lettuce,  parsley, coriander, Shitake Mushrooms, Oyster Mushrooms ,  Dill,  Spring Onions, Celeriac,  Leek, Parsnip,  Zucchini, Courgettes, Garlic, Squash,  Daikon, Eggplant, Chilli, Capsicum,  Pumpkin, Cauliflower, Fennel

Fruits & Nuts

Apple  Pear   Lemon   Lime  
Frozen Blueberry


Sheep Yoghurt,  Sheep Milk + Soft & Hard Cheeses,
Blueberry Ice Cream;  
Cow Milk Yoghurt,Cream and cheese
Jersey COW MILK 
Butter & cultured Butter  Kefir
Coffee Milk,  Strawberry Milk, Chocolate Milk
Goat Milk. Yoghurt & Soft Cheeses (currently not at market)

Meat and Seafood

Organic Beef, Pasture Raised  Lamb,
Free Range Chicken, Organic Pasture raised Chicken
Goat Capretto & Chevron when available


Eggs, Honey, Quail Egg, Duck Egg, Goose egg, Extra Virgin Olive Oil,  Bread,   Gluten free Sour Dough Bread, Coffee, Jams, Preserves, Sauce, Dressings,  Culinary bedding herbs, Native Plants, Vegetable Plants and Seedlings , Freeze Dried Strawberries , Tofu
 Salsa Verde  Rocket 
Wine, Blueberry Liquer,

Our Amazing Farmers

At the Albany Farmers Market it is the farmers themselves who sell their produce.
They delight in passing on the provenance of their product, together with helpful tips and recipes.

The Albany Farmers Market does not permit the on-selling of other peoples produce
any produce grown outside the Great Southern Region

Nannygoat Junction - David
Ann Piacun
Bev Shapland
Howard Shapland (vegetable Farmer)
Phillip Marshall
Rob - Habitat
Rochelle of Rochelles Coffee
Ron Watkins
Simon Keast (King River Avocado)
Scottie and Nic (Porongurup Pure Sheep Dairy)
Darrel Sounness (Red Gum Hill Orchard)
Lyn & Neil Handasyde
Julie Coverely (Denmark  Apples)

The farmer grows it... The farmer sells it
Visit our market and experience all we offer first hand!


Farmer + Fresh + Local = Albany Farmers Market

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