Market this Saturday 15th August 2020

Market is open but there are changes in shopping protocols we ask you hand wash and sanitise before and during market; social distancing; don't handle produce; change your routine - come later; No tables ; Stall spacing means your favorites might be in a different spot; Unwell or potentially vulnerable PLEASE STAY HOME - perhaps recruit a friend to shop for you; Shop and Go; SMILE but don't hug!

The Chicken man is back!

Greg is back again this  Saturday with his Kojonup raised free range Chickens and chicken portions.   Next market after this Saturday will be Saturday 29th August 2020 

Market continues to trade every Saturday

Albany Farmers Market looks forward to welcoming you this Saturday morning.  The market continues to operate but there are still organisational arrangements in place as we ease through restrictions.

  • Entry only via Collie Street.
  • Hand wash and sanitise before and during shopping (available in the market)
  • Restrict your handling of produce. Stall holder will help you
  • Social distancing at all times, whether queuing or not!

Shot Callers Expresso Bar

A BIG market welcome to our new Barista and Coffee Stall Leigh of Shot Callers Expresso Bar who will keep you topped up with all your coffee needs every Saturday market morning.


SUMMERHOUSE  SUPPLIES are back this week and are now coming to market every second week.   Next market after this Saturday will be 29th August 2020

Porongurup Pure Yoghurt and Cheese

The sheep are back in the dairy and Porongurup Pure will have Sheep Milk ,Sheep Yoghurt and sheep milk cheeses. this week.   They will no longer offer cow Milk, Yard 86 for that!

YARD 86 MILK in the market

The new owners of YARD 86 , the Hart family from Denmark West, Peter, Maria, Laura and Brian are now weekly regulars in the  market.  Their Milk from this week is now available in 1 liter glass bottles or 2 liter plastic.  They also have Chocolate Milk and Coffee Milk!

Vegetable Plants for the garden

SOUTHERN SEEDLING in the market every Saturday with their vegetable seedlings ready to go in now. 

.......Missing from Market this Saturday

Perfect Poultry (back Saturday 15th August)
Summerhouse Supplies (back Saturday 15th August)
Anticipate Return of NannyGoat Junction and their
Goats milk and Cheeses 15th August 2020

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This week

in season & in the market...


Beetroot,  Red Cabbage, Green Cabbage,  Chinese Cabbage,  Sugar Loaf Cabbage, Broccollini,   Cavelo Nero,  Chard,  Green Herbs,  Green Kale,  Lettuce, Microgreen,  Radish,  Salad Mix, Silver Beet, Fennel,  Potato, mini savoy,  perpetual spinach,  spigariello, bitter greens salad; lettuce salad mixes; cos lettuce,  parsley, coriander, Shitake Mushrooms, Oyster Mushrooms ,  Dill,  Spring Onions, Celeriac,  Leek, Parsnip,  Parsley, Coriander, Garlic,   Daikon,  Pumpkin, Cauliflower, Fennel, Brussel Sprouts, Celeriac, Turnip, Kohl Rabi, Sugar Snap Peas, Snow Peas and Limited amount of early season Asparagus

Fruits & Nuts

Apple  Pear   Lemon   Lime  Grapefruit  Seville Orange   Navel Oranges   Rhubarb    Frozen Blueberry


Sheep Yoghurt,  Sheep Milk + Soft & Hard Cheeses,
Blueberry Ice Cream;  
Cow Milk Yoghurt, cheese & Kefir
 Coffee Milk,  Chocolate Milk
Goat Milk. Yoghurt & Soft Cheeses (currently not at market; anticipate return after kidding on 15th August 2020)

Meat and Seafood

Organic Beef, Pasture Raised  Lamb,
Free Range Chicken, Organic Pasture raised Chicken
Goat Capretto & Chevron when available


Eggs, Honey, Quail Egg, Duck Egg, Goose egg, Extra Virgin Olive Oil,  Bread,   Gluten free Sour Dough Bread, Coffee, Jams, Preserves, Sauce, Dressings,  Culinary bedding herbs, Native Plants, Vegetable Plants and Seedlings , Freeze Dried Strawberries , Tofu
 Salsa Verde  Rocket 
Wine, Blueberry Liquer,

Our Amazing Farmers

At the Albany Farmers Market it is the farmers themselves who sell their produce.
They delight in passing on the provenance of their product, together with helpful tips and recipes.

The Albany Farmers Market does not permit the on-selling of other peoples produce
any produce grown outside the Great Southern Region

Nannygoat Junction - David
Ann Piacun
Bev Shapland
Howard Shapland (vegetable Farmer)
Phillip Marshall
Rob - Habitat
Rochelle of Rochelles Coffee
Ron Watkins
Simon Keast (King River Avocado)
Scottie and Nic (Porongurup Pure Sheep Dairy)
Darrel Sounness (Red Gum Hill Orchard)
Lyn & Neil Handasyde
Julie Coverely (Denmark  Apples)

The farmer grows it... The farmer sells it
Visit our market and experience all we offer first hand!


Farmer + Fresh + Local = Albany Farmers Market

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